What is “Pro” and why I need to pay for it?

JoomLead Templates are all available on both FREE and PRO versions

Free Edition

Free for download, limited features and support. You can use it for Unlimited Website License, personal or commercial project.

Pro Editions

What you are actually purchasing is a Pro Version. The Pro Version offers significantly more features than the free-for-use version (see Pro Version for details). Each Pro version has its duration and specifics. See our pricing table for details of each plan. Once your order expired, Our template will continue to work indefinitely. However, you will not be able to access our Members Area anymore(Pro standard Edition only) to get updates and support.

Why I need to pay for Pro version(s)?

You don’t need to pay for the PRO version, please feel free to use FREE edition, with Free edition, its already included standard features that you can build a complete website with all popular features in the web industry today (drag and drop layout, Mega menu, Responsive mobile/tablet layouts, etc…)

You only need to pay for Pro version IF you want to access ALL PRO Features(unlimited template features, quickstart packages, support) of JoomLead templates, get support from developer to answer your questions, solve your problems, that means fixing bugs, adding new features, maintaining compatibility with new versions of Joomla etc.

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