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Thanks for your help. I thought I had remedied the error while writing my reply to you, and in fact I *have * fixed some of the problems. I am wondering if the button to add links in QUix doesn’t write very good html. When I was making up my reply to you, I decided to show you where the source code appears to be making an error. I checked the url was identical on the page where the link DOES work and the page where it DOESN’T. The url was the same, but to be sure, I copied the whole section (source code) from the page and pasted it over that section in the page that didn’t work, and lo and behold, those links now work. But this didn’t fix all my problems. Here is a remaining problem.

I have six boxes at the bottom of a set of pages in the “about” section. I have copied the link source code from the main “about page” (as it seems to work properly every time) and pasted it into the CTO page and the R and D Team page. Now these links work fine in the CTO page but not the R and D Team page. The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th links are meant to return the user to the about page, but instead take them to the site home page. I can’t work this out, as I used the same source code for each., as far as I can tell, is identical on each of the pages, but where the link takes me is different.

Actually, now I already have to disagree with myself, as since I typed that 10 minutes ago, the links on the CTO page no longer works properly either. A lot of these links take you back to the home page instead of the linked page. It’s inconsistent so screen shots won’t really help you, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to include a screen shot here. in question so you can see the links I’m referring to. Also, hitting “refresh” while in any of these pages might also return you to the home page and not where you were before you refreshed. It is getting very frustrating as I feel it should be simple and do not understand what I’m doing wrong.
thanks for your attention!

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