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Phyrun Heng

Hello Tony,
The developer said the following which makes sense but since this is integrated with Joomla and Gantry, I’m not sure how it correlates into the framework. Currently, I use g-features as the element ID and I put all my particles in this section because I want a background for the whole page. Perhaps not meant to do it that way. I couldn’t find how to put the video background on the whole page instead of sections. In Gantry, is there a body section that correlates to the element ID?

Did you try to set the “body” as containment of the YTPlayer?

Your video is blurry because is set as background of a very high container causing the inclusion of a really big iframe to fit the containment. The youtube iframe in your case is: 8901px x 5006.4px and the video definition is lower.

Setting the “body” as containment the max height would be the windows height and the iframe would be the right dimension.”

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