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“By the way, “Grav” is not mentioned anywhere on joomlead.com site. Only Joomla and WordPress. But I use Grav.”
Our particles working perfectly for Joomla/Wordpress/Grav :). Just few particles designed for special platform, like content grid for Joomla and WordPress(present the joomla articles and wordpress posts). We are planing to add content grid support for Grav in the next release.

“The hamburger menu is not shown again in mobile mode when scrolling up.”
The headroom working for the menu which assigned to navigation section only(stick the navigation section on the top when scrolling up), the offcanvas menu (hamburger icon) is not assigned to navigation section.
The solution:
Create custom javascript code then moved the icon into navigation section 🙂

(function($) {
	// Move the Offcanvas Toggle button in the Header
	$(document).ready(function() {

NOTE: We just created free sticky atom (uikit3) for Joomla/Grav/Wordpress, you can grab it here https://www.dropbox.com/s/ktfraspbicvgom2/jlnavsticky.zip?dl=0 (We will add the package for free particle collection soon).
The JL nav sticky support sticky feature and sticky on scroll up like headroom atom. It also support device sizes for mobile/tablet. You can remove the headroom atom and use the nav sticky instead.

@Magh Samana: With nav sticky atom, now you can enable/disable sticky for mobile devices 🙂

Thank you

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