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Hi all,

I updated a test site from J 3.9/Gantry 5 to J3.10/Gantry 5 (no problem) and the to J4/Gantry 5.5/helium 5.5
I bought Joomlead particles this morning. Installed UIKIT (V3) files and set the UIKIT atom.

The website is still working except some css problems.

Then I put jlslideshowjoomla in my homepage’s layout :
– clic on “settting” -> “500 Internal Server Error Oops, An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template (“Unknown fetch type ‘8’”)..
– opening the homepage -> empty page

If I remove jlslideshowjoomla from the layout the website is working again.

Using jlslideshow instead of jlslideshowjoomla :
– clic on “settting” -> OK except I can’t select any source image
– opening the homepage -> empty page

I know it’s a bit early to use J4/Gantry 5.5 but if this can help…

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