Hiding Joomla article so only modules are visible

In this tutorial, we will show you how to disable the Joomla article so you can show modules only. You dont need to edit or custom css code for this simple task, simply create a layout profile, hiding system output and assign the layout for the menu item which you want to hide the article. Unlike other tutorial, with Warp you can completely remove the content, not just hiding the Joomla article by using css code. Please note this tutorial for Joomla Templates based on Warp 7 framework only. Step 1: Go to template settings -> Tab Layout -> Add new layout e.g: hiding Hiding joomla article step2 Step 2: Check the checkbox “Hide system output.” to hide your Joomla article Hide system output. Step 3: Scroll down and assign the Layout to menu item you want to hide the article assign joomla menu item


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