Set up the logo

Set up the logo for Joomla Template

The Logo is actually a simple image element. In Joomla we are using a Custom HTML module published on the themes logo position for it to display.

Desktop Logo

Go to Extensions » Modules Manager. Click on New. Select a Custom HTML module.

On the following edit screen, you select the logo module position.

And fill the Custom Output field. After publishing the module, the logo will display in the template.

For example use following:

Adding Logo Module

Mobile Logo

Same with desktop logo but you need to assign the module to logo_small position Setup Mobile Logo


The Favicon is located in your theme directory.

  • Joomla: /templates/jl_mono_pro/favicon.ico

To change the favicon, simply replace that file.

iPhone/iPod touch icon

The iPhone/iPod touch icon is located in your theme directory.

  • Joomla: /templates/jl_mono_pro/apple_touch_icon.png

To change the icon, simply replace that file.


  1. Hi!

    I set up the Logo as described in the minimal template, but it os displayed not inline with the navigation menu, but below the thin grey line. I think this might be a bug?
    cheers Chris

  2. Siti Suhaily bte Sapiee

    Hi Paulo,
    I accidentally pressed ‘Home’ on an article, and now my homepage is showing that article instead of the slider and other stuff.
    How do I change it back?

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