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“The order of the changelog page is incorrect.
The ‘March 04, 2020’ is below ‘February 04, 2020’.”
No, its correct, we added small updates for particles in version 2.1.0 (hotfix) that why we added the logs below the main release version.
“Also why a release without version number? How do we (and you) know which version gives trouble in case of support?”
Its a small update (hotfix) for RTL issue, not a big update like upcoming 2.1.1, that why we decided to leave the same version.
“The download name ‘JoomLead-Gantry5-Particles.zip’ or a changelog.txt in the zip gives any sign of which version where dealing with.”
The upcoming 2.1.1 will add the number prefix for Particle download package.

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