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Niklas Widmark

Hi, I’ve now updated joomla to 3.9.24. Gantry was already at the latest version.

The problem persists. I’ve also noted additional weirdness: I could add a completely new outline from the default preset and choose clone instead of inherit. I wanted to try if inheritance was a problem, but this new one was also not allowed to apply particle settings. I also received the 405 error when I tried to assign this new outline to a page, however the assign still saved so the outline displays…

For info, I have transferred my purchased particles to the free version of the Raiseup template. I followed the guide, but I think that the problem may have come after this operation, although I never tried much settings before copying all particles in. I have the same issue on the hydrogen template too, though, so not sure if this is related at all.

Let me know if any more info is needed. I hope you can help!

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