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  • Carlos

    I’ve installed the carousel particle, not joomla carousel, and the link option associated to each image don’t work.
    is there another configuration that I’ve been lost?

    carousel link

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    Hi Carlos,
    Are you using latest 2.0.9 version ?
    I just tested and its working without any problem. Place your link for e.g: http://example.com

    By default, link is show up as Button, you can scroll down to Link field settings, change from button to title or whole item.

    Jeff Castellano

    i am having the same problem. Link does not work and i also do not see an option for open in new window. My version is 1.0.1. If there is a different version were do go to download it.

    thank you


    Hi Jeff,
    You are using version 1 which included in the theme. You can wait for the next update (version 2) or implement the latest particle version 2 for your site.
    Our particles version 2 (Uikit 3) working fine with particle (1.x) using Uikit version 2 without conflict.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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