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  • Thierry BOONEN

    I just bought the Joomlead pro pack, and I have a little problem with the Content_Grid particle (Not with particle, but With my Brain 🙂 ).
    I reinstalled a new version of Joomla for testing.
    So I have the latest version of Joomla, Gantry 5.
    I unzipped the joomlead zip in the Custom directory of my template, and activated uikit3 in Base Outline.
    In my template Style, I see all JL_particles and atoms
    My issue is the following :
    When I test the component on the demo site, if I click on the read more link, the article is displayed on the page.
    On my test page, it simply refreshes the page, and displays the article in the “page content” section.
    What should I do to have the article displayed as on the demo “http://demo.joomlead.com/particles/index.php/particles/content-grid” or on a new page?
    Thank you for your help and patience.



    Hi Thierry,
    I think the issue related to the Gantry5 layout (Home/Default) settings :). Did you set the Home layout to default for all pages instead the Default layout ?
    By default, the hydrogen or helium doesn’t assign the page content for Home layout, its assign the page content for the Default layout to present the joomla/wordpress/grav content for all pages (http://docs.gantry.org/gantry5/particles/page-content). Home is a special layout for home page using custom page (http://docs.gantry.org/gantry5/configure/menu-item).
    Thank you

    Thierry BOONEN

    Thanks Tony,
    My problem is solved.
    It was indeed a problem related to my brain rather than the component. Lol !!!
    In fact I have articles from 5 categories. So To resolve my problem, I created a category grouping these 5 subcategories.
    I then created a ghost menu with a menu entry pointing to a category blog that points to Cat_Generale.
    I assigned to this menu: Template style, a specific gantry template with only SYSTEM MESSAGE and PAGE CONTENT
    Everything works perfectly.
    Thank you for your response which put me on the right path.
    Good continuation.


    Glad your problem is resolved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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