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  • Jeff Castellano

    i am using the “Double Template” and cannot create a menu title that points to an “article” assigned to a different theme in Gantry. The present menu only scrolls the browser up and down to get to the certain part of the “Layout” (ex. slideshow, features, Utility, etc).

    I want a menu title, that points to an article that is a assigned to a different theme. not just a menu that scrolls up and down

    This is similar to what i am trying to do…
    Here are the menus on the template
    Home – scrolls up and down
    About – scrolls up and down
    Project – scrolls up and down
    Particles – new page not scrolling
    Blog – new page not scrolling
    Contact – scrolls up and down

    i have tried this on other templates as well but cannot figure it out
    these all scroll up and down

    this the site i am working http://digital.newtechserv.com/



    Hi there,
    Did you add exception menu items for Onepage navigation atom before? Example for Lucian template like so https://imgur.com/a/mf0fOrz

    Jeff Castellano

    that works, thanks!


    You’re welcome

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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