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  • dml311071


    1) Is there any chance of adding a News Page to Joomlead that could be used among other things, to announce the arrival of New Atoms and Particles? I often find about about them by chance!

    Perhaps even a push notification for those who wish to receive notifications of updates that interest them?

    One for Joomla Templates, another for Particles/Atoms and Updates, same for WP and Grav of course

    2) Would it be possible to create a specific page for downloading the Particles packages for account holders? Right now they appear lumped in with the templates and it would be easier to find them if separated.

    3) May I suggest a page in the docs for each Particle/Atom release/update a clear list of the required imports that can be pasted into the users custom.scss file? Sometimes the updates alter the @import requirements and these can be trick to track down in order to make the correct and necessary changes. This may help answer some support queries and of course clarify exactly which particles require a relevant @import to be present.




    Hi David,

    Thanks for your feedback :). I have a plan for 1 and 3. For issue number 2, I will find a solution in this case and improve it in future. We are using EDD (EasyDigitalDownload) for download system. All packages are bundled (based on the plan) automatically.


    Hi Tony

    Thanks for getting back to me. Great work on the Particles. They were good back in Sept ’19 when I first subscribed, but the progress is impressive. Especially Menu Canvas – godsend!

    I’ve never used EDD, but Phoca Download may be worth a look. I’m always impressed with Jan’s work especially as I think he works solo!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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