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  • Martin Kruger


    This is regarding the UIKit3 released for the Gantry5 Hydrogen template. I am using the paid UIKIt3 package. I additionally have the pro sh404sef and JCE Editor versions available to use.

    First off, I would like to say that the UIKit3 kit that you have released is absolutely outstanding. I have demo’d and bought many extensions and this is by far one of the best.

    I have a problem that I cannot seem to find the solution for. I apologise if this post is long. I am struggling to explain my problem.


    Main Menu

    Main Menu: HOME – BLOG
    BLOG -> WEB

    The Aliases are the same as their title.

    The URLs generated should be:


    BLOG, WEB and SOFTWARE relate to Categories for Articles. BLOG is the Parent Category, WEB and SOFTWARE are the Children of BLOG. Articles are only created in WEB and SOFTWARE.

    Brief description:

    I want to use my own Gantry Outlines for BLOG, WEB and SOFTWARE which I have already created. I want to use the Outlines as I can then make use of the UIKit Particles. This however creates a significant problem as my Categories and Articles are not linked due to there being no Category List etc. Menu Item in the Main Menu.

    I have read about creating Hidden Menu items for each category, but I cannot seem to get this to work as I then end up with different Aliases e.g.
    MAIN MENU -> BLOG (blog) -> Links to Gantry5 Outline “Blog”
    HIDDEN MENU -> BLOG (blog-hidden) -> “List All Categories”

    This unfortunately then resolves to an article being shown as:


    How do I go about using my Gantry Outlines so that my articles will follow my BLOG -> WEB or BLOG -> SOFTWARE structure?

    Basically, I want my Main Menu items to link to Outlines, but to keep my SEO/SEF links, I need to have a Hidden Menu that links to the Categories. This however is not working out as planned.

    Thank you for your time.

    Martin Kruger

    Solution but undesirable:

    I can have the URLs reflect correctly when adding the article item as Child a menu item to the corresponding Parent category (BLOG -> WEB -> ARTICLE) and then choosing to hide the item in the menu by disabling Display in Menu (Menu Edit Item -> Link Type -> Display in Menu).

    This is not a desirable solution for me as automation is lost due to having to create a Menu item for each Article.


    Hi Martin,
    Uikit is developed by Yootheme, not us :), its open source and we use Uikit for our particles.

    About the issue: Do you mean Base Outline or special outline that you created before ?
    IMO: Just create a hidden menu item for the PARENT category only, for this case, it should be BLOG. Because all sub categories and articles inherited from the blog parent, why you need to create the “Links to Gantry5 Outline “Blog”” ?

    Could you please submit a private ticket with your site info so I can take a close look the blog structure settings?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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