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Hi Tony,

Thank you for the pointers. I will continue with the Helium theme for this project as it helps me learn some of the deeper levels of Gantry. In fact I had Page Content set up on my default page layout. I’m sure I’ll figure it out using tips from your previous post. But, I was surprised to see that Page Content does not support HTML layout, even basic p and ul, li tags!
So, my only option was to use the Joomla Articles particle, now I suspect that Content Grid cannot link without some work in the lower level code.

I m trying to create a lightweight fast site as a basis for future sites based on Gantry that uses the edit features of the Joomla’s articles. I don’t want clients to have to edit particles. Instead it is important that the end user can edit mainly articles.

I’ll check with Hydrogen too in case it is just my mistake.



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