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“1. How can I hide the TUTORIAL and HITS option (text)?”
What do you mean about “Tutorial” ? Hits? Are you talking about the blog page options ??
“2. How do I hide the word BLOG that appears above?”
This is Helix page title, just open template_name/css/custom.css then add

.sp-page-title .cornered-heading {
    display: none;

“3. After clicking on Business Loan, Car Insurance, etc. How can I place the text on the left and the image on the right?”
You can use the Joomla editor like tinymce then assign the image to the left or right. Check this https://imgur.com/8NdgLZg
“4. How can I add the “contact” fields below?”
Do you mean add the contact for Joomla article ?? Check this extension https://regularlabs.com/componentsanywhere

“How can I use the “TUTORIAL” folder icon?

When I click it, it sends me to the same articles as a list.”
Any screenshot for more detail ?

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