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  • JohnnysHTC

    I’m sorry that I have to ask this question.

    But, I have moved the .yaml and .twig files into the custom/particles directory.

    The particle loads, but it isn’t formatted in any way no matter what dropdown options I choose. (I have the same problem with the JL Buttons). The instructions only list those two files.

    This is an existing website I don’t wish to work from the jumpstart install.

    How do I connect all of the dependencies required for this particle?

    Is there a link that I missed that explains this (I assume that I’ll encounter this again)?


    Please check our particle page: https://joomlead.com/gantry-5-particles/
    Did you enable UIKIT for Gantry5 atom ? https://joomlead.com/g5/docs/uikit3-for-gantry5/

    First Step: https://joomlead.com/gantry-5-particles/particles-documentation/#first-step

    Thank you


    OK. Thank You for this. I did not see this page before. The help documents don’t seem to have an index. I usually use Google Site Search for finding instruction.
    I guess if you add “Requres Ulkit 3 for Gantry 5 Atom” to each document, it might be helpful.

    Thank You.
    Great Product


    Glad your problem is resolved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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