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  • Robert Licopoli

    I am making my fourth attempt to install a template. I thought I was at fault for NONE of them working. After my 4th installation I am realizing that I am not at fault and the packages are not as advertised.

    For example: JL FInance quickstart package says it is Joomla 3.x and Gantry 5.x however it is actually Joomla 2.5 and uses the Helix.
    If I would have know the facts, I would never have purchased a membership. ALl templates are misleading and most instructions do not match the templates create a lot of confusion. It’s better to have no instructions at all. I would have done much better and faster on my own.

    Robert Licopoli

    I may have found a solution. the 1.03 version appears to be newer than the 1.04 version. PLease check it out.


    Hi Robert,

    There’re two versions of Finance template:

    1: Finance using Helix3 framework https://joomlead.com/joomla-template/finance/
    2. FinancePro using Gantry5 framework https://joomlead.com/joomla-template/financepro/

    Both using latest Joomla 3.8.x not Joomla 2.5 🙂

    Joomla 2.5 no longer support and we didn’t create any templates for joomla 2.5 before :D, ONLY 3.x

    Please check our template showcase page https://joomlead.com/joomla-template/ you will see that we added the “label” for each template so you can see the template using Helix3 framework, Gantry5 framework or Warp7 framework.

    Thank you

    Robert Licopoli

    Thanks for the quick response Tony.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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