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  • Mark Watson

    I am using Joomla 3.9.20 with Gantry 5 Helium theme v5.4.34 / g5_helium. I purchased your Pro Version Particle Pack and have encountered problems with JL Content Grid.

    I am setting up a news item page (not on the home page). There is a menu item ‘TMR News’ (Category Blog) pointing to a category ‘TMR News’. I have a Layout ‘Base Article’ inheriting from ‘Base Outline’ and, apart from headers and footers, contains only a ‘Page Content’ particle. I had some problem with this until I changed routing from legacy to modern and enabled remove IDs from URLs. (The problem was that Read more did not work in the same way as I’ll describe further on). This works fine and I wanted it to use the Content Grid particle instead.

    Leaving all the blog settings as they were I created a new Layout ‘Helium – Blog Style’. This inherits from ‘Base Outline’ and, apart from header and footer, contains only the JL Content article in the Feature section. (I have also played with adding ‘Page Content’ to the same Section but it makes no difference.

    Problem 1: No text is displayed, just the title and read more.
    Problem 2: Read More basically refreshed the same page. With SEF turned off, the Url becomes like this:

    The ‘&catid=21:tmr-news&Itemid=154’ part is appended to every article when I hit Read More. item 21 is the ‘TMR News’ category and 154 is the Menu item ID.

    On advise of the Joomla Forum I created a separate menu item for one of these article and Read More then works as it should. I fail to see why I should create a menu item for every news article I publish.

    Any thoughts on this?


    Hi Mark,
    Something went wrong with the settings so that why the particle didn’t work like it should.
    You can give a try with the particle quickstart package, I just tested the particle quickstart with the same routing config and its working.

    You can create a hidden menu item with Menu Item Type -> Category Blog and Choose a Category -> TMR News then assign your Base Article layout to this menu item.

    Next, assign the menu item ‘TMR News’ with menu item type: Gantry 5 -> Custom Page

    Let me know the result.

    Mark Watson

    Hi Tony,
    Doesn’t the quickstart package instal Joomla, Gantry and all the particles? I already have Joomla/Gantry installed along with dozens of Articles already.

    I reinstalled the J: Content Grid and JLUikit particles/atoms and all the CSS, JS and SCSS files, replacing what was there. I recompiled the CSS and deleted & reloaded the JLUIkit atom. The I set up the menus as you suggested. Your instructions did not mention the layout where the Content grid article is (Helium-Blog Style) so I assigned the TMR-Menu menu item to it. That seems to have done the trick except that I get an x next to the TMR News menu item where the hidden menu would be if it wasn’t hidden. I guess I can live with that.

    Thanks for your help Tony.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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