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  • Nicolas Querbouët

    Hello, I have a Helium theme, and I’m using this particle. But I have an issue, the video is displayed with a short height and I have absolutely no clue how to fix it. In the presentation video, it fits properly the container, I wonder why.


    Hi Nicolas,
    You can submit the private ticket here https://joomlead.com/ticket-support/ so We can check the issue or just wait next few days, we will release the new particles 2.0.1

    Here the part changelog of NEXT release

    Improved calendar particle
    Improved Carousel particle 
    Improved countdown(using uikit countdown as default)
    Improved image particle
    Change Portfolio to Filter Gallery Particle
    Replace mixitup js with Uikit Filter
    New button particle
    New Text particle 
    Add youtube support for video particle
    New List particle
    New Description List particle
    New Table particle
    New Popover particle
    New Grid card particle
    New Search particle
    Improved PayPal donate
    Renovated Feature Box particle
    New Free Quotation particle
    New free Code particle
    Improve Progress bars columns rendering 
    Improved Light gallery Ui settings, new features and parallax, masonary settings , font icons missing fixed and speed performance
    Improved intense-gallery particle 
    Improved pricing tables particle
    Chart particle renovated 
    New Dotnav particle 
    New Joomla content slider particle
    Improved Cookie consent atom
    Change warning atom to notification atom 
    Change sticky to headroom atom
    Renovated Testimonial (2)
    Renovated Pricing table (2)
    New pricing list particle
    New Audio Players particle
    Rewritten news ticker, add support Joomla content and custom content type 

    Thank you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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