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Flexible way to present Joomla news and articles. Helps to slide your articles from Joomla! categories or Article Ids with cool effects, rich backend configs covering layout, animation control. See how Joomla Content Slider can be designed beautifully on Demo Page.
Installation Installing the particle on your website is a really simple process. You can refer to the document here to know more.

Go to Template/Theme Settings > select the Layout to add Joomla Content Slider particle (i.e: Home) -> Layout tab -> Drag and drop the Joomla Content Slider Particle from Particles panel (left corner) to the section you want to display the Joomla Content Slider.


Articles Tab

Settings Description
Categories Select the categories the articles should be taken from.
Articles Enter the Joomla articles that should be shown. It should be a list of article IDs separated with a comma (i.e. 1,2,3,4,5).
Featured Articles Select how Featured articles should be filtered.
Number of Articles Enter the maximum number of articles to display.
Pagination Select if the pagination buttons should be shown to allow users to see more articles.
Start From Enter offset specifying the first article to return. The default is ‘0’ (the first article).
Order By Select how the articles should be ordered by.
Ordering Direction Select the direction the articles should be ordered by.

Display Tab

Settings Description
Image Select if and what image of the article should be shown.
Article Text Select if and how the article text should be shown.
Text Limit Type in the number of characters the article text should be limited to.
Text Formatting Select the formatting you want to use to display the article text.
Title Select if the article title should be shown.
Title Limit Enter the maximum number of characters the article title should be limited to.
Date Select if the article date should be shown.
Date Format Select preferred date format. Leave empty not to display a date.
Overlay Settings. Note: Transition mode for title/image/meta or content no longer working if None Overlay Mode is selected.
Mode Overlay mode for image items on hover, support cover and overlay caption mode., when using cover mode, you need to set the text color manually.
Overlay on hover Display content overlay on hover.
Overlay Style Select the style for the overlay (07 styles)
Color Set light or dark color mode (example if you use Overlay primary or tile primary style, you can set the Light color for overlay content)
Padding Set the padding between the overlay and its content.
Position Set the padding between the overlay and its content.
Margin Apply a margin between the overlay and the image container IF the overlay style is Selected.
Max Width Set the maximum content width.
Overlay Transition Select a hover transition for the overlay (support 15 transition effects).
Image Settings Common settings for image.
Image Transition Select a hover transition for the overlay.
Border Select the image’s border style.
Title/Meta/Content/Card Settings A common style settings for title/meta/content/card (provide multiple options for designing.)

Slider Settings Tab

Settings Description
Item Width Mode Define whether the width of the slider items is fixed or automatically expanded by its content widths. NOTE: The height settings and Item width settings below are not working with AUTO mode.
Height The height will adapt automatically based on its content. Alternatively, the height can adapt to the height of the view port. Note: Make sure, no height is set in the section settings when using on of the viewport options.
Gutter Set the grid gutter width and display dividers between grid cells.
Show dividers Display dividers between grid cells
Slider Animation Common settings for slider animation
Set Slide all visible items at once. Group items into sets. The number of items within a set depends on the defined item width, e.g. 33% means that each set contains 3 items.
Center Center the active slide
Finite Disable infinite scrolling
Autoplay Enable autoplay for slider items.
Interval Set the autoplay interval in seconds. Min 5 Max 15.
Item Width You need to set the Item Width Mode to FIXED mode.
Phone Portrait Set the number of grid columns for each breakpoint. Inherit refers to the number of columns on the next smaller screen size.
Phone Landscape
Tablet Landscape
Large Screens
Navigation Settings To navigate through your slides
Navigation Enable or disable the navigation
Position Align the navigation’s items.
Margin Set the vertical margin.
Breakpoint Display the navigation only on this device width and larger.
Color Set light or dark color mode.
Show Tooltip Display Title as tooltip when hovering.
Slidenav Settings Defines a navigation with previous and next buttons to flip through items. Same settings like navigation.

Read more tab

Settings Description
Read more Select if the article ‘Read More’ button should be shown.
Read More Label Type in the label for the ‘Read More’ button.
Style Set the button style.

Extras tab

Settings Description
Author Select if the article author should be shown.
Category Select if and how the article category should be shown.
Hits Select if the article hits should be shown.

General tab

Please take a look the documentation here for more detail about the tab settings

Video Overview


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