How to update Warp 7 framework

In this tutorial, I will show you how to update a theme based on the Warp 7 framework without uninstalling and reinstalling the theme.

Warp 7 Framework Latest: 7.3.36

    # Fixed head.php (WP)

    # Fix html5 meta charset with cache enabled (J)
    # Fix enqueue scripts before they were registered (WP)

    # Fixed do not minify already compressed .js files
    # Fixed com_search compatibility (J 3.7.3)

    + Added Woocommerce 3.x gallery support (WordPress)

    # Fixed thumbnail view for Woocommerce 2.7
    # Fixed encoding html in menu title (WP)
    # Fixed enqueue scripts before widgets loaded (WP)

    # Fixed language directory name 'ro-RO' (J)
    # Fixed woocommerce style (WP)
    # Fixed font selection in customizer
    # Updated search results truncation (WP)

    # Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility (WP)

    ^ Updated UIkit to 2.27.2
    # Fixed color picker in customizer
    # Fixed font import in customizer + copy style
    # Fixed widget assignment on woocommerce categories/tags (WP)
    # Fixed breadcrumbs + sidebar widget (WP)

    + Added filter for warp ajax search (WP)
    ^ Updated language files (J)
    # Fixed frontpage posts pagination (WP)
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How to install Joomla Quickstart Package

Understanding the Joomla Quickstart Package

The Quickstart allows you to replicate the demo package to your server. It means, after installing the Joomla 4 demo Quickstart, you will have a site exactly the same as the demo site. Including components, demo content, Joomlead particles configuration, and site configuration.

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